Conteq Technologies represents companies that are highly committed to technological superiority in their chosen fields. They have made a mission out of excellence in innovation and delivering value for money solutions. They are small in size, be it a single line of business, number of staff or revenue but have a global vision and that sets them apart from the bigger and established names.

Following a consultative approach we will find a solution to your production, quality, runnability, operational cost and any other issues that hinder your quest for excellence. We have expertise and solutions in the following areas of you pulp and paper mill:

  1. Material Handling in the pulp and paper mill – This covers the complete wood room, right from receipt of logs in the wood yard to debarking, chipping (disc chippers) to storage, to ciruclar silos, to reclaimers to thickness screens and chip feeding to the digester(s). The next is complete material handling of the solid fuel charging in the power and recovery boilers and the slag/ash handling for these units as well and lime kilns and wet and calcined lime handling for lime kilns and recausticisers. Lastly, the major material handling in the Finishing House area starting from the slitter winder to roll handling to roll wrapping, roll storage and retrieval systems to core cutting and handling to broke roll cutting and handling
  2. Complete paper machine including Tissue machines, right from stock and approach and from headbox to pope reel. Supply of parts and equipemnt for rebuilds, engineering services and supply of spare parts. Steam and condensate systems, closed hood, PV, web stabilisers, heat recovery systems and machine hall ventilation
  3. Complete automation for the mill including DCS, QCS, CD controls, field instrumentation, iMCC, electrics, supply of piping and erection hardware
  4. Online, offline and testing instruments including Fibre analysers for digesters, washing and bleaching, BCTMP and stock preparation applications (control of refiners), waste paper bale moisture meters (the only ones that really work), paper testing instruments such as IBT, special analysers for sizing control, etc.
  5. The only supplier for special mechanical drives – slip on gearboxes that mount directly on the dryer cylinder shaft including with steam and condensate syphons and completely inside the hood. The only supplier to manufacture direct drives, synchronous motors directly mounted on the dryer cylinder or process equipment shaft (process rolls, press section, sizers, calenders, pope, etc.). This way you have a very clean drive side of the machine and hence maintenance can be much better now. The real estate requirement in terms of machine building size is also reduced significantly

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