Jani Sales Private Limited

C-57/58 Raj Industrial Estate Off. Marol Maroshi Road Military Road Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400059
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Jani Sales Private Limited

We’re building unbeatable packaging solutions together

Jani Sales Pvt. Ltd. is a paper manufacturing company and trading house that produces high-quality MG paper, tissue, and packaging to fulfil the expanding global demand.

Our packaging materials and solutions challenge conventional packaging and strive towards a sustainable future. We are a world-leading provider of primary fiber based packaging materials and have customers in over 10 countries.

We have a long history of entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation. That history includes game-changing developments in papermaking, packaging design and retail solutions, as well as strategically building and strengthening our company s capabilities over time. We re building unbeatable packaging solutions together.

In 1978, the firm began as a trading company for paper and paperboard goods, and has since grown into a multinational corporation with operations throughout India. Jani Sales is a big player in the industry; the company produces a combined annual paper, packaging product, and trade capacity of more than 100,000 tons, an annual production capacity of MG Kraft & Tissue of 36,0000 tons and the trading business operating with a trading capacity of 74,000 tons.

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            C-57/58 Raj Industrial Estate Off. Marol Maroshi Road Military Road Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400059

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            • Jani Sales M G machine produces machine-glazed paper with high gloss on one side and a bit coarse surface on the reverse side. A favourite among converters that use Kraft paper as a coating and laminating base, these papers are also used to produce printed packaging.

              • Suitable for running on high speed machines
              • Excellent glossy surface with high strength
              • Better surface cleanliness
              • Odour Free

              Applications for M G Kraft

              • Paper Bags
              • Paper Pouches
              • Corrugation
              • Wrapping/Packing
              • Special Applications like Coating with Corrosion Resistant Chemicals
              • High Strength Kraft Paper used in E-Commerce Bags replacing single use Plastic Poly Bags
              • Insulation of Transformer Wires mostly in Caliper Thicknesses of 1.5 MIL, 2.0 MIL and 3.0 MIL
              • Food Grade Certified

            • Jani Sales M G poster is strong, functional and available in a wide range of weights. Thanks to its optimal processing properties, purity and strength, it is the first choice for customers who want to rely on consistently high quality.

              • Excellent printability
              • High Tensile Strength
              • High Tear Factor

              Applications for M G Poster

              • Flexible Packaging with or without PE lamination, for consumer products like Soaps, Detergents and food items, mostly after printing
              • Kites/Decoration Rolls/Gift Wrap Papers/Packing of Luxury Items
              • Interleaving of Garments, Glass, Laminates, Film Positives etc.
              • Top Layer after Printing on Fluted Kraft Packaging of items like Bulbs, Tube Lights, etc.
              • Inside Layer of Sweet Boxes and in the packaging of Fast Food items, e.g. Burger Wrapping
              • To manufacture Coloured Fluorescent Papers after Coating of Fluorescent Colours
              • Manufacturing Thermal Paper after Coating of Chemicals
              • As a Sublimation Paper after Coating of Chemicals for transferring Printed Design on the Fabric
              • Food Grade Certified

            • Our standard tissue paper for converters (that allows multiple configuration options: number of layers [1 or 2]), grammage (from 17 to 48 g/m2), and colour (white, blue or brown). Jani Sales manufactures quality Tissues in Jumbo Rolls. These are used by other manufacturers who convert the tissue into a complete range of household and consumer products such as kitchen towels, toilet rolls and serviettes.

              • Excellent Brightness
              • 100% Recycled
              • Natural Look and Feel

              Applications for M G Soft Crepe Tissue

              • Paper Napkins
              • Toilet Rolls
              • Paper Towels – Kitchen Towel, M Fold, C Fold etc.
              • Pocket Tissues
              • Food Grade Certified

            • Machine-glazed bleached Kraft paper is known for its high stiffness and durability. It produces an exceptional high gloss on one side of the paper. This allows for the ability to have opacity, printability and a superb combination of runnability.

              • Excellent Printability
              • High Brightness
              • Good Bust Factor : Above 28
              • Virgin substitute 100% recycled product
              • High Tear Strength in MD and CD

              Applications for M G BLEACHED KRAFT

              • Food Packaging
              • Ideal for White Printed and unprinted Paper Bags and Pouches
              • Value added Packaging Products, including Wrapping
              • High Strength value added Envelopes
              • Inserts in Wedding Cards
              • Wall Papers
              • As a top layer on Corrugated Cartons
              • Food Grade Certified