We are a group of Engineers from the rolls industry and we have worked in this industry for over three decades (since 1990). We have come together, along with (Rubber Specialists) ATEM Company, Seoul, Korea, for manufacture of Rubber and Rubber Rolls. We have a list of successful and happy users of our Rubber Rolls in almost all the industries including the Paper Industry, Printing Industry and Packaging Industry.

Looking back to history: –

After much deliberations, our Director from the Paper Industry has setup a State of Art Rolls Manufacturing unit, and within a span of 5- years the company was one of the leaders in manufacturers of rolls.  Due to some unforeseen reason, our director had to sell off his share of business and bid good bye to the that company in 2016.

Quest to serve:-

But then, in the absence of a committed quality Rubber roll manufacturer in the market and after repeated requests from our previous happy clientele, compelled our director, Mr. Vikaas Guptaa to go for another venture of a modern roll manufacturing company with all modern equipment for serving the industry. As such, we have come up with a new Rubber Roll manufacturing unit under the banner of our PM’s call for “Startup India“.

The Solutions:-

We have setup a Rubber manufacturing plant with latest technology, under the guidance of ATEM Company, KOREA,  with the following ideology keeping in mind our customer in fore front .

Manufacturing and Supply of Quality Rubber for the industry.
Manufacturing and Supply of Quality Rubber Rolls for the industry.

All Facilities under one roof:  We have also tied up with other Service providers of rollers for doing Hard Chrome Plating, Ceramic Coating, PU Coating and any other type of coating on the rolls catering to all types of industries.

Technical and Deep studying of Work Environment: Our rolls shall be manufactured after studying and considering all the ambient parameters of the working environment of the rollers. However harsh may the environment be, we shall have a solution for better performance of the rolls.

Our Machines : We have the most sophisticated machines which are necessary for servicing and manufacturing any types of rolls which include, Grinders, Lathes, Boring Machine, Rubber Mixing Mills, Kneaders, Extruder, Sand Blasting, Balancing, Cranes, Rolls Builders, Boiler, Vulncanisers etc. We shall not think twice to invest in the machines for enhancing our capacity and for meeting our committed delivery schedules.

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