Parason Group is one of the largest manufacturers & suppliers of pulp and paper machinery. Parason offers turnkey engineering solutions to the Kraft, Tissue, Writing, Printing, and Hard Board Paper Mills. Our complete stock preparation solutions are based on in-depth research and engineered by our highly experienced technicians.

Parason also specialises in offering complete end-to-end project engineering & solutions to produce sustainable, biodegradable Molded Fiber Tableware Products which can be used in hospitals, corporate cafeterias, universities, restaurants, schools, temples, etc. The eco-friendly & compostable tableware products can be made from agro-waste like bagasse, sugarcane leftover, husk, wheat straw, rice straw, bamboo fiber, etc.

Renowned scientist and metallurgist Dr. C P Desarda founded the Parason and Started with a small Foundry in 1977. Today Parason has spread its wings to 63+ countries in the world. Dr. C P Desarda is Doctorate in Metallurgy from BRNO University, Prague, the Czech Republic, in 1970.

Parason has installed more than 360 pulp streets ranging from 3 TPD to 1000 TPD of different grades of paper manufacturing in India and overseas. The latest technology proposed by Parason not only enables Paper Mills to increase its Paper quality but also reduces machines’ huge power consumption, which is the key point of profit for the Paper Industry.

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              • Complete Pulping Solutions

              • Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper follows an effective pulping process for recovered fibers that requires careful & gentle pulping to meet the various requirements of the paper industry.
                Parason SharpEdge Drum Pulper is a machine developed for efficient pulping of stock consistencies up to 15% - 18% and for gentle and effective separation of fibers and contaminants.

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              • High Consistency pulping system is operated in batch process. The unique design of the rotor creates excellent circulation within the vat and gives good slushing of raw materials, which permits operation at consistency up to 15-16%. The Hi-con Pulper is suitable for all waste paper grades.       

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              • Hi-Consistency pulper is connected with dilution pulper. The dilution pulper has the due function of separating the plastics and other foreign material and also dilute the high consistency for stock transfer for further processing. This pulper has a 6-8 mm drilled screen plate with an impeller rotating against the screen. The impact of the impeller separates the fiber from the rejects, hence working most efficiently for fiber recovery.

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              • Parason newly developed Offset Pulper which is designed with a combination of double-coned bottom and baffle where the baffle guides the pulp towards the rotor for achieving efficient and extensive slushing. Intensive turbulence is generated on the part of the rotor, whereas low-level turbulence is generated at the baffle which causes the stock to rotate repeatedly thus obtaining excellent quality pulp

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              • The main function of Parason Trash Pump is to efficiently move the rejects onwards to the Asymmetric Fiber Saver for further processing. Parason Trash Pump is designed so that it is perfect to be adjusted in smaller/tight locations. The drive unit of the Trash Pump is equipped with an impeller, mounting, belt drive, belt guard, and motor.

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              • Parason Asymmetric Fiber Saver (AFS) is a pulper detrashing machine for both low-consistency pulper and high-consistency batch pulper. In the Asymmetric Fiber Saver, the rotor screen unit is arranged Offsetally to the asymmetrical machine housing.

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              • Parason Inclined Trommel Screen is manufactured with the highest standards for efficient removal of the coarse debris and for maximizing water recovery from the reject loop. The technology used behind the Inclined Trommel Screen optimizes the rejects residence time and increases fiber gain and water recovery.

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              • Parason Reject Compactor is built for separating rejects of variable particle sizes containing a significant amount of fibers. Rejects like pieces of plastic, laminated paper, wood particles, textile pieces, stickies, wax, sand particles, glass pieces, metal particles, etc. are efficiently separated with the Reject Compactor.

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              • Hi-Consistency Pulping Loop
              • 'D' Section of tub is to increase the turbulence in the tub causing bales/bundles to submerge rapidly thus, reducing the dwelling time suitable for continuous operations. Suitable for furnish of OCC, AOCC, Box Board and to separate the reject and fibre. The fibre discharge line is connected to the pulp suction pump or directly fed to the storage towers.

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              • Complete Pulp Thickener Series
              • Disc Filter is an optimized solution from Parason to enhance the capacity and filtrate quality by reducing freshwater consumption, save heat energy by closing the water circuit of the dewatering process. All Parason and conventional disc filters can be upgraded to these new high-quality products.

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              • Parason High Consistency Disc Filter (HCDF) is developed for effective pulp thickening in a wide range of flow applications. The HCDF is adaptable to higher feed consistencies and supports operations of variable grades of pulp and recycled paper.

                The pulp is fed into the vat through the inlet located on the side of the filter. The mat formation starts under gravity ensuring optimal dewatering. As the rotor rotates, the filtrate is drained through the channels into the outer rotor pipe under vacuum. The fiber mat is knocked off at the top which causes the pulp to fall into the pulp discharge screw that is located at the center. The rotor channels have a connected valve for separating the cloudy and clear filtrate. The filtrate can be further separated into the clear and super clear filtrate.

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              • The Gravity Disc Thickener is a compact and virtually maintenance-free, Gravity Thickener can be adjusted according to process conditions such as throughput and inlet consistency. The pulp suspension is fed at a consistency of 0.9% to 2.5% to the inlet chamber into the vat in the same direction as disc rotation.

                Thickening capacity is ensured by the number of discs installed in the center shaft. The thickener vat level and outlet consistency are controlled by thickener speed through VFD.

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              • Parason Folded Thickner in comparison to normal thickener provides a larger filtration area. This can translate into smaller space requirements and a higher capacity for specific floor space. The wire clothing is divided into sectors so that each section can be replaced without removing the drum/cylinder.

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              • ETP & Reject Handling Systems
              • EFFECTIVE PLANNING WITH PRECONSTRUCTION & PROJECTS IMPLEMENT                                                       

                Our technologies continue to lead with the highest quality Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) products and with unmatched expertise in wastewater engineering applications of DAF. Our innovative and cost effective technologies are the remedy to contaminated water sources, prevent further pollution, and recover valuable materials. Parason DAFs are providing the solution to wastewater treatment and recovery of resources.

                                                    DISSOLVED AIR FLOTATION - DAF                                 

                The untreated water flows into the unit in one direction as the rotating carriage travels in another direction. These two forces oppose each other and equalize to create a 'zero-velocity within the flotation zone. This causes the fine air bubbles from the ADT to attach and lift the suspended solids to the surface where the sludge blanket is formed.

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                                                                    BELT FILTER PRESS                                           

                Parason Belt Filter Press is designed for squeezing sludge for various industries application from primary/secondary clarifier Deinking process.
                The Belt Filter Press is efficiently designed to squeeze sludge from 2 to 4% consistency by adding polyacrylamide based flocculent. This helps in better drainage to achieve 28% to 35% consistency. The sludge is handled with a minimum capacity of 4TPD OD base & a maximum capacity of 25 TPD with a very low power consumption of 23 HP.

                Know More of Belt Filter Press                                                                           

                                               SPRAY FILTER FRACTIONING SCREEN                         

                The fibers present in wastewater sometimes cause clogging of equipment or an increase in sludge volume. Some paper mills are focused on reusing the recovering fibers to reduce the raw material cost. The Spray Filter Fractioning
                Screen is designed for handling wide variations of solid content. This equipment is ideal to suit fiber fractionation, felt hair recovery, shower nozzle protection, and effluent polishing before or after a dissolved air flotation clarifier.        

                Know More of Pray Filter Fractioning Screen                                           
              • Complete Cleaning Solutions

              • The tangential inlet accelerates the stock to downward centrifugal motion with the required velocity. Due to centrifugal rotation of stock, the impurities with high specific gravity are forced to the outer wall of the cone and downward to collect in a trap. The cleaned stock is discharged from the cleaner through a top-side accept pipe.  

                Know More of Hi-Density Cleaner

              • In Pulp Mill

                *The cleaners are used for medium consistency cleaning system for all types of     Recycled Paper and Virgin Pulp                                                      *Before MC Slotted pressure screen — Increase the life of Screen Baskets                                                                                                         *Before Deinking Cell — Improves Deinking efficiency and Diffuser life Before      Disperser/Kneader — Longer life of wear parts like a screw, basket,       Disperser    plates   Casted header cones for rigid construction

                In Approach Flow (Paper Machine)

                *All grades of paper produced with min. power & space requirements and improved cleanliness of stock                                                                      *Closed system avoids air entrapment in the pulp stock                                *The large volume of cone reduces the space of SS-304 with ceramic bottom construction

                Know More of Medium Consistency Centricleaner 


              •                               LOW CONSISTENCY CLEANER (PLC) - 450

                Pulp stock at 0.5 to 1.0% consistency is fed through inlet pipe header to the cleaners. The stock enters the tangential inlet which accelerates the stock to downward centrifugal motion. Contaminants like dirt, shives, and specks with high specific gravity are forced to outer wall of cone and downward through reject outlet orifice to reject header. The reject is again feed to the 2nd stage of cleaners. The cleaned pulp stock rises upward and goes via accept header to up stream system, at the bottom of cleaners have dilution water headers with individual elutriation line provided to eliminate the fibre loss.

                                                    Low Consistency Cleaner (PLC) - 110                                 

                Our specialized 2 ¹/₂" cleaner is designed for multistage fine cleaning of heavy and solid contaminants which are present in the stock pulp. Our reliable flow systems maintain cleanliness throughout the process.

                Know More of Low Consistency Cleaners

              • Normally in Paper Industries, a sediment separator process is carried out, separation of heavy particles from liquid or light particles. The equipment called sand separator removes sand and other heavy solids from HD cleaning / cleaning/ screening rejects. Heavy particles in liquids settle in a chamber before being removed by a screw (shaftless). PARASON Twin Screw sand separator designed a horizontal screw with the tub before to the inclined screw to achieve good efficiency.

                know More of Sand Separator

              • Worldclass Refining & Deflaking Technology

              • Compact, sturdy, latest mechanism, and most importantly, the refiner plates bar designs to suit specific applications are special features of Parason TDR. TDR is the result of ACCUMULATED PRECISION making this machine unique in the paper world. Parason refiners have more than 2000 installations within 15 years and this is a direct indicator of its supreme performance.

                Know More of Tri Disc Refiner


              • Refining is the backbone in the stock preparation stage as well as paper making. Hence every paper mill is trying to adopt the latest technology in refining. PARASON CONFINER is a modified Conical Refiner designed to enhance the bonding ability of fibers with a minimized freeness drop and minimum decrease of fiber length with low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

                Know More of Conical Refiner

              • Conical Type Deflaker

                Due to the smaller diameter of the Rotor, this equipment is more power efficient as compared to the other equipment having similar functions. The deflaking action takes place in 3 steps. There is lesser damage to the fiber (i.e. less shortening & more fibrillation). The 3 step design ensures more retention time to the fiber while deflaking (as compared to teeth or hole type). There is consistent deflaking due to online gap adjustment with respect to the current drawn. The life of the fillings is longer.

                Know More of Conical Type Deflaker

                Hole Type Deflakers

                Parason Tri-Disc Deflaker is a high-speed deflaker, primarily used for deflaking market pulp and various kinds of brokes to obtain high-quality products and better strength characteristics with Parason Tri-Disc Deflaker fiber bundles and flakes are completely deflaked into individual fibers by hydro-dynamic shock waves created with high-quality deflaker discs that rotate at a high speed of 1500 to 3000 RPM.

                Know More of Hole Type Deflakers

                Ring Type Deflaker

                The pulp stock introduced centrally into the deflaker passes through the gap between the rotor and stator and teeth of each ring towards the outlet. The unique tri-disc system causes the high-speed rotating disc to create strong turbulence and hydro-dynamic shock waves between the fiber bundles and flakes. This releases the bonds between individual fibers under the impact of high-frequency waves and frictions.

                Know More of Ring Type Deflaker

              • Applications & Salient Features

                – Sturdy, fabricated stainless steel construction                                                              – Large permanent magnet for more contact area hence improved removal efficiency                                                                                                                                   – For 6' – One magnet; For 8″, 10″, & 12″ – Two magnets                                          – Well shaped body assets other non-magnetic tramps for gravity                             – Periodic cleaning mark easy through cleaning door and tramp drain                     – Provision of the tray over the concealed magnet for fast cleaning                            – Auto arrangements give excellent results

                Know More of Trapmagni

              • Parason Headbox

              • Parason Pressurized headbox is constructed skillfully at our manufacturing unit. The pressurized headbox is operated by the pressure of the air. The pond level is maintained at a certain point. Above that level, it contains pressurized air. The head determines the slice jet speed that contains two to three rectifier rolls.

                Know More of Pressurized Head Box

              • Parason specialized Hydraulic Headbox is designed for high-speed operations of paper machines. Hydraulic headboxes are designed for twin-wire forming.

                These types of headboxes are available with or without a stabilization chamber. The stabilization chamber is a tube bank(turbulence generator) that is present between the chamber and the slice. Improving the velocity profile of the cross-section is the main function of the tube bank.

                Know More of Hydraulic Headbox

              • Parason Screening Solutions


                Parason Medium Consistency Screen with specially designed rotor is provided with both hole or slotted basket. The specially designed rotor with fabricated &
                contoured foils generates lower positive pulses and higher negative pulses. Hence takes low energy consumption and gives higher purging effect to keep the basket clean.

                Know More of  Screening


              • It is a typical last-stage screen to handle the last-stage coarse screen reject. The reject sorter with a specially designed rotor is fitted with sweeping distributing blades of specially hardened MOC. The rotor impels the stock feed against the screen half, cleans the screen half, and disaggregates the fiber bundle for better sorting.

                Know More of Reject Sorter

              • The screens are suitable for stock preparation system and also for the approach flow system. The MULTIVANE AEROFOIL ROTOR design ensures the screen to operate free from pulsation. The unique contoured multifoil rotor with optimum foil angle ensures better screening efficiency and lesser reject thickening.

                Know More of Screening Solution by Parason Machinery

              • Parason Reject Screen with PLC/ Timer controlled washing cycle used in the last stage of the screening system to minimize the fiber loss in reject discharge.

                Know More of Reject Screen - Washing Cycle

              • Parason Shield Screen provides an efficient screening mechanism for reliable paper production. The newly developed Parason Shield Screen ensures an effective screening process at the approach flow. The head geometry and machine housing is excellently optimized that resulting in increased productivity of the Shield Screen.

                The screen basket is positioned eccentrically, which helps in avoiding deposits and stringing caused by unequal flow patterns. Parason Shield Screen gives operational reliability at a relatively lower cost.

                Know More of Shield Screen

              • Parason Fractionator separates the fibers mainly by fiber length and is fitted with a hole or slot type baskets. The specially designed rotor with fabricated and contoured foils generates lower positive pulses and higher negative pulses. Hence requires low energy consumption and a higher purging effect to keep the basket clean.

                Know More of Fractionator

              • Integrated Solutions for Molded Fiber Products

              • Parason Semiautomatic Forming machine is the most advanced and hybrid technological solution equipped with forming and in mold drying stations with floating distribution type of pulp inlet system which ensures accurate pouring of pulp onto the mold. Benefits in uniform formation of products throughout the platen.

                Know More of Semi-Automatic Forming Machine

                Parason 6-Axis Robot With Forming Machine

                Parason 6Axis Robot system plays vital role in replacing the manual work of picking and placing the parts from the forming and hot press stations. Automated pick and place system helps achieve the production efficiency, reduced handling rejections and accuracy. The robotic system is equipped with close loop feedback based control system to make it function enabling the arms to pick and place the parts reliably and precisely.

              • Parason Edge Trimming Machine gives the molded fiber products a fine edge finish with dimensional accuracy. This heavy-duty machine is specifically designed for longer duration operation, compatible for wide range of tableware products and a stand-alone application. Machine customization available for different platen sizes.

                Know More of Parason Edge Trimming Machine



                                             Know More of Production Molds

              • Dispersion & Deinking System

              • Know More of Dispersion Systems by Parason

              • Know More of Mini Disperser

              • Parason Screw Press

                Parason Screw Press - 1000

                Know More Parason Screw Press 1000

                Watch Product Video

              • Know More of Parason Disperse Disc

              • The Parason Deinking Cell consists of a number of cells in series with an elliptical cross-section with a baffle extending over the entire length to a separate suspension chamber. Air (at the atmospheric pressure) and pulp stock to be deinked are introduced into the cell chamber through a specially designed injector nozzle. Flow-through nozzles generate a negative pressure that sucks in the necessary process and generates microturbulence resulting in widely ranging bubble sizes enabling efficient removal of an equally wide range of particle size.

                Know More of Deinking System

              • Vertical & Horizontal Agitators System

              • Parason Agitators are designed for all kinds of fibers in chests, tanks, and storage towers up to a consistency of 5% in the propeller area.

                Know More of Horizontal Agitator

              • Mixing and blending are critical to a successful pulp/paper mill operation. The mass concentration of the pulp suspensions in the chests must be uniform at all locations. This is typically done with the efficient impellers, along with a properly sized agitator and proper chest design. One method used to provide uniformity in the momentum method is Top mounting. Top mounted agitators are widely used in many main processes in pulp and paper production and in the wastewater
                treatment plant. The most demanding applications are in the recovery plant.

                Know More of Vertical Agitator

              • Paper Machine

              • The newly designed Parason Shoe Press exemplifies our commitment to develop world-class paper machinery.

                Know More of Parason Maxi Shoe Press

              • Screen Baskets

              • Parason Hole Screen Baskets are highly sophisticated and manufactured in modern drilling workshops using latest manufacturing technology. Due to optimized pitch design we can achieve the highest open screen areas. 

                Know More of Hole Baskets


              • As a leader in stock preparation equipment manufacturing, Parason has been developing profiled wedge bar basket from last few decades. Parason baskets efficiently remove dirt, specks, & stickies to improve properties like cleanliness, strength, brightness, whiteness, and printability of paper.

                Know More of Slotted Baskets

              • Know More of High Consistency Basket

              • Refiner Plates

              • It makes a lot of sense that a refiner disc should have uniform wear properties. Normally the variation in the wear of the refiner plates may be wavy, serrated, or flat type.

                The wavy & serrated wear causes maximum fiber damage and multiple disadvantages of high power consumption, increased cost per tonne, load variations, etc. PARASON has innovated the concept of `ERP’ that is Edge Retention Property. During strenuous refining conditions, the ‘ERP’ plate has flat wear.

                Know More of Refiner Filling

              • PARASON Variable Rib Design refiner plates are manufactured using special casting & CNC technology to attain the maximum uniformity in the refining zone by providing uniform hardness throughout the plates

                PARASON Variable Rib Design refiner plates are manufactured with special cast technology to provide uniform hardness, throughout and the plates wear uniformly. Therefore, the plates wear uniformly over time.

                Know More of Variable Rib Design Plates

              • PARASON Finedge Welded Bar refiner plates are manufactured using Special Casting & Robot Welding CNC technology to provide maximum uniformity in the refining zone. PARASON Finedge Welded Refiner Plates are Welded with special welding technology. The plates will wear uniformly over time with zero draft angle on the bar. With higher bar height and minimum bar width, the hydraulic uniformity is maintained for a longer time.

                Know More of Finedge Welded Bar Refiner Plates

              • Parason Refiner Plates

              • PARASON Finedge Milled Bar refiner plates are manufactured using CNC technology to provide maximum uniformity in the refining zone.

                PARASON milled bars are cast in their own foundry as a solid piece to provide uniform hardness throughout. The plates will wear uniformly over time. The zero draft angle on the bars helps in maintaining longer hydraulics.

                Know More of Finedge Milled - Refiner Plates

              • PARASON Finedge Welded Bar refiner plates are manufactured using Special CNC technology with Robotic Welding, to provide the maximum uniformity in the refining zone. PARASON Finedge Welded Refiner Plates are cast with special metallurgy suitable for special welding technology with higher bar height and lower bar width.

                Know More of Finedge Welded - Refiner Plates

              • PARASON Finedge Inlet Curved Bar refiner plates are manufactured using Special Casting & CNC technology to provide maximum uniformity in the refining zone.

                PARASON Finedge Curved Bar refiner plates are specially cast in our own foundry to provide uniform hardness throughout. The plates will wear uniformly over time have a longer bar length. The flow of pulp follows the grooves between the results of the bar in longer residence time. The result of Finedge Curved bars helps in more gentle refining action which continues over a longer time. Curving the refiner bars at the inlet enables them to function better as a pump. The half dams between sectors, further improve the pulp residence time resulting in improved refining.

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              • Parason Refiner Fillings

              • PARASON Conical Refiner Fillings offer exceptional high performance level of fibre processing

                PARASON manufactures conical refiner fillings are manufactured with various designs & sizes to suit the industry needs.  PARASON conical fillings offer flexibility of various designs to optimize the process. Made of high strength, tough and corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Alloy.

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              • PARASON cast and duly machined fillings are available for all models of conical refiners suitable for Jordan 1R, 2R, 3R, Jones, fiber master, etc.

                These single-piece cast fillings with precision grinding of sharp edges ensure minimum wear to optimize life and performance. Fillings are built with special treatment for long-lasting services.

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              • PARASON manufactures Claflin fillings for every model like 101, 202, 303, F9 refiners. The fillings are cast with stainless steel offers superior performance in the development of fiber. The long life of the fillings ensures a better economy.

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              • PARASON cast and fabricated and duly machined fillings are available for almost all models of RTC 1000, RTC 2000, RTC 3000, RTC 4000 suitable for different grades of paper. We supply fillings both in the cast as well as fabricated type.

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