Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. With our automation systems and flow control solutions we serve an even wider base of process industries.

We aim to become the global champion in serving our customers. Our 17,000 professionals work close to our customers and are committed to improving our customers’ performance – every day.

The company has over 220 years of industrial history and a strong track record in continuous improvement and renewal. In 2022, a major milestone was achieved when the flow control company Neles was merged into Valmet. The combined company’s net sales in 2021 was approximately EUR 4.5 billion based on the respective company figures.

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            • Valmet Mechanical Seals

              Valmet Mechanical Seals include specific engineered applications as well as standard sizes that can replace other brands.

              Plug and feed screws

              Screws with uniform feeding and optimized dewatering. Durable material to maximize lifetime.

              Bearing units

              These range from overhauled or new and complete units for Valmet machinery, to spare parts for on-site repairs.
            • Chipper disc with OEM parts

              A chipper disc with all durable parts, such as wear plates, knife clamps, counter knives and all other knife equipment, makes the best possible chip quality even better.

              Reclaimer and conveyor screws

              OEM screws for reclaimers, chip and bark conveyors are designed for that specific purpose. Screws can be manufactured from stainless steel or with other special coatings for acid or

              Roll conveyor – Rolls

              Special roll patterns for efficient bark separation and washing, including spike rolls, rib rolls and plain rolls. Rolls are sold including bearing assemblies for easy installation.
            • Top separator and pressure diffusers

              Screens, top screws, seals, slide bearings, hydraulic components and bushings for optimum performance.

              Screen rotors

              Rotors for all screening applications for optimum performance, with an own development department.

              Outlet device

              Spare parts for outlet devices, bearings, packings, wear sleeve, hydraulic components, main shaft, etc.
            • Process seals for wash presses

              Include all the plastic and rubber seals necessary for annual shutdowns, e.g. longitudinal seals, o-rings, sealing blocks and doctor blades.

              Bearings and seal kits

              Contain all the parts required for changing bearings and seals on press rolls, e.g. sealing rings, v-rings and o-rings.

              Pulp filters

              Comprise all the spare parts needed, e.g. valve lining, sleeve, bushing and seals etc., in the annual shutdown of wash filters such as CC and CORU-DEK.
            • Wet End – Electromechanical Shower Oscillator

              An electromechanical shower oscillator improves fabric cleaning and product quality, thereby increasing the fabric’s lifetime. This low voltage application is safe and easy to install.

              Folded tail threading tape

              In tail threading at the wet end of the dryer the tape needs to be in good condition to ensure good functionality.

              Cutter spares

              Spring-loaded press wheels with cross beams (single or double) guide the sheet flow at the layboy and overlapping area. The OEM cross cutter and slitter knives ensure maximum service life and performance.
            • Bale and slab press

              Complete seal kit for the main cylinder, with wiper, main rod seals, guide ring, guide band, o-rings, etc.

              Hydraulic and electronic

              All necessary spares, such as pumps, valves, hoses and filters, as well as special electronic parts.

              Tying machines

              OEM spare and wear parts of the latest design for Valmet’s tying machines, and for all baling line machinery.
            • Smelt spout

              Delivered as a complete package with tube openings, wall box, spout, hoods, shattering equipment and doghouse washing. Improving the lifetime of the smelt spout is a priority for Valmet.

              Tube shields

              Condenser and boiler tube shields are designed to minimize the failure of tubes in highly abrasive or corrosive areas.

              Pressure parts

              Tailor-made pressure parts are produced in a wide range of materials, sizes and quantities. Valmet engineering and manufacturing ensure urgent deliveries can be made.
            • Kiln bearings and rollers

              Complete bearings, rollers and thrust devices as well as spare parts, such as seals, oil lifters, bearing liners, etc.

              Burner nozzle and mixing chamber

              New nozzles and mixing chambers for lime kiln burners as replacement parts, or reengineered parts for upgrading to handle new and/or alternative fuels.

              Sectors and knifes for disc filters

              New and refurbished sectors; upgraded and standardized knives for disc filters.
            • Disc filters

              Our disc filter technology is rooted in the legacies of Beloit, Celleco, Dorr-Oliver, GL&V and Hedemora; comprehensive process knowledge and resources allow us to serve as the OEM manufacturer.

              Bearing units

              Range from overhauled, or new and complete, units for Valmet’s machinery to spare parts for onsite repairs.


              Valmet’s hydrocyclone technology can improve the performance of most hydrocyclones, including nonOEM systems, in pulp cleaning applications.
            • High-Pressure Hoses

              Reliable and durable highpressure hose assembly for the reel WaterJet turn-up device. The longer intervals between hose changes improve productivity and availability.

              Winder sectional rolls

              Sectional rolls, with specially lubricated globular ball bearings, guarantee long maintenance intervals. Bleeding grooves on the roll surface ensure the effective removal of air for optimal winder runnability. Depending on their position, sectional rolls are available in various lengths and shell surfaces.

              Splicing head

              A fully-assembled spare splicing head unit maximizes winder capacity and productivity by increasing the reliability of butt-joint splicing equipment. Separate break-out parts are also available.A fully-assembled spare splicing head unit maximizes winder capacity and productivity by increasing the reliability of butt-joint splicing equipment. Separate break-out parts are also available.
            • Tissue headbox vanes

              A full range of products is available for most Valmet and Beloit headboxes. Improved technology controls turbulence and layering effectively, which enhances the utilization, formation, strength, visual appearance and layer purity of the fibers.

              Yankee bearings

              These were developed by Valmet, together with a major bearing supplier, for demanding applications and unique applications to achieve the best performance possible.

              Straw pipes for Yankee cylinder

              Straw pipes collect the moisture that forms inside a Yankee dryer. The functionality of the cylinder is affected severely if the straw pipes are damaged and thus unable to perform this procedure.

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