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Plot No. D-2 Focal Point Industrial Area, Sangrur, Punjab, India, 148001
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Balaji Chem Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are a company that started almost two decades ago with a vision to provide practical and long lasting solutions to the burgeoning paper industry in India by creating a fusion of chemistry applications and local industry environment and requirements. We are pioneers in establishing industry benchmarks of qualitative servicing and derivation of standards of functioning, which even the multi-national giants follow today. Our tryst for perfection in churning out outstanding led us to established a state of the art AKD chemical plant that has allowed us to keep a close check on the quality of wax and emulsions used for sizing of paper.

Why Choose Us :

Cost minimization in operations, including use of raw material, process handling, residue management. Profit maximization through bolstering efficiency in operational aspects. We know that India although has achieved great milestones in home grown chemical manufacturing units, there is still a plethora of material that needs to import from other locations. We have been using our comprehensive network of chemical manufacturers across the world to help our clients in India in getting material of appropriate quality and affordable prices.

Our Mission :

To deliver Green Solutions to Pulp, Paper and Water intensive industries by investing into the latest technology and adopting cost effective methods to produce chemicals that are effective yet eco friendly.

Our Vision :

To develop the Pulp & Paper industry with environment friendly processes and manufacturing of paper & related products by offering quality chemicals cultivated from eco friendly methods and ingredients.

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              Plot No. D-2 Focal Point Industrial Area, Sangrur, Punjab, India, 148001
              • The high-speed paper machine is very sensitive to foam related issues. The closeness of the water system and the use of wet paper chemicals enhance the foam generating capacity of pulp and paper making system; which as a result, obstructs in providing quality paper and in achieving productivity goals.

                Defoamer are used in paper mills to decrease the production of foam while manufacturing paper.

                Advanced features: –

                • No foam related issue can be seen on final paper quality
                • Decreases environmental claims
                • Try to improve drainage-aid in paper mill
                • It also reduces the paper breakage

                Balaji Chem Solutions offer a vast variety of De-foamer which is used in a paper mill like- silicone De-foamer, oil-based De-foamer, and many more.


              • Deinking process is very famous process in which machines remove the printing ink from paper fibres from recycled paper to make it deinked pulp. The main key of this deinking chemicals is to detach ink from the fibre permanently. The whole process is done with utmost care with the combination of mechanical and chemical means. During this process, foam is generated which helps in removing ink particles by floatation.

                Balaji chem solutions offer flexible deinking solutions which will detach ink from the paper. It goes through various steps like sorting, debaling, pulping, cleaning, and screening. Other than this, the new enzyme technology series deinking aids can help the paper mills to reduce the costs by eliminating hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda used in the pulp.

                Features of Deinking chemicals: –

                • Help in boosting pulp brightness
                • Prevents ink deposition on paper machines
                • Minimized use of other chemicals
                • Minimize residue ink values


              • The enzymatic applications for the main processes in pulp and paper industry i.e. deinking, fibrillation, bleaching, defining, starch modification, drainage unprecedented short period of time. Nowadays, the most essential application of enzyme is the rebleaching of Kraft pulp. Balaji chem solutions provide the following enzymes for the pulp and paper industry.
                Deinking enzymes, Bleach busters, Stickies & Pitch control enzymes, Starch modification enzymes, Drainage enzymes.


              • Size press additives are present in the paper in full percentage. Mainly, the main aim of adding this material into the paper is to surge the overall strength, reducing dusting tendency, stiffness, and so on.  Papermaking mills are also adding copolymers styrene maleic anhydride (SMA), styrene acrylates (SA), or urethane copolymers to size-press starch if they want to achieve increased resistance to liquids or higher levels of surface strength.

                Actually, paper and board manufacturers use this product to improve the functional and visual applications of their products. And Balaji Chem Solutions is there to help these companies to provide a wide variety of surface additives.

                We try to cover the overall process of papermaking from printing to converting. This offers a unique presence in paper and board industry all around.

                Keeping in minds the needs of the customers and high demand, we time to time discover new concepts by which paper efficiency, production, and demand surge.

                Products :

              • The portfolio of surface sizing agent is inclusive of a variety of products that helps in improving the water resistance and oil resistance of food contact papers.

                Internal sizing agents– Internal sizing agents are used in the manufacture of paper at the wet end. It is commonly used to prevent the paper from blurring with water or ink. On the other hand, it offers water resistance to the paper or board.

                Features and benefits

                • Sizing degree can be improved
                • Improves prints in analog and digital printing
                • Best toner adhesion
                • Dusting and picking can be reduced by this process
                • Holdout of liquid

              • The R and D department in the paper mill is nothing to do with manufacturing process. But, after doing through research, the paper making process takes place which is called retention and Drainage.

                The R-word called retention aid can impact the papermaking efficiency in three ways-One of these ways is by cutting down on solids losses, an issue that also depends on save-all performance. Another economically important impact of retention-promoting chemicals involves the frequency of downtime for boilouts, both scheduled and unscheduled. Retention chemicals usually help keep deposit-prone materials such as pitch and sizing agents bound to fibers, reducing the chance that they end up in deposits or a spot in the product. Another thing that retention aids can affect is the frequency of web breaks. That’s because a high load of fine materials in the white water tends to make the system unstable. Any small shift in process chemistry is likely to cause the fine particles to retain more or less in the sheet, changing the composition of the product. A sudden increase in fines level often means that the sheet momentarily becomes too wet, and it will likely break at an open draw.

                Balaji Chem solutions offer RDF technology to the papermaking process which in turn delivers rapid productivity and come up with world-class paper quality.

              • Balaji chem solutions dry strength resin comes in premium quality which adds dry strength to the paper. They are mainly available in three forms that is aniomic, cationic, and amphoteric. However, the main aim of dry strength resin is to surge the strength per unit between fibres in any paper. Indeed, it also helps in achieving strength goals while maintaining higher dewatering rates and lower density of paper


                • Dry Strength Resin can be used in all kinds of writing & printing, duplex board, Kraft paper.
                • It may be used after addition of resin and best addition point is mixing chest. Before the addition of Dry Strength Resin, it should be diluted to 20% solution.
                • Duplex board addition point is the protective and bottom layer.
                • The recommended dosage of Dry Strength Resin is 0.4% to 0.6% on the dry paper basis to get the desired result.
                • It can reduce the alum requirement
                • Help to boost the tensile strongness of paper
                • Help in saving energy
                • Surge the stiffness of weaker sheet of paper

                Helps in reducing fibre costs by replacing long fibre with short fibre
              • When the paper gets contaminated, that is classified as stickies. The main reason of stickies is recycled paper waxes, soft adhesives which can cause many issues into the machine like runnability, quality problems. Stickies are a mixture of organic compounds which inculcate due to printing inks coating binders, wet strength resins, and innumerable others.

                Application Areas

                A comprehensive stickies control program can make use of stock treatment, wire passivation, felt conditioning, dryer passivation and/or dryer fabric cleaning. These types of control program used depends on the mill’s stock prep system and on-machine cleaning, as well as the type of furnish used and the grade of paper produced.

                Balaji chem solutions provide the following program for controlling stickies in paper making.


              • We offer permanent Wet Strength Resin product lines like Beni strength PAE and Beni Rez GPAM.

                The most essential areas of wet strength resin are in the production of hygienic papers. They are inclusive of hand towels, cleaning clothes, facial tissue etc. Indeed, they are also used for toilets as they don’t block the sewage pipes.

                Wet Strength Resin products are used in a variety of specialised papers such as paper-posters, labels, wallpapers, etc. that are required to retain a certain level of strength when moisturised.

                Features: –

                With the help of wet strength resin, the target of productivity can be easily achieved
                It is so soft that machine starts running fast
                The overall quality of sheet improves like tensile strength, bulkiness, etc
                Saves a lot of energy while production
                Helps in the retention of sizing agent


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