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Chesterton has extensive overall plant reliability experience, improving critical rotating equipment’s longevity and enhancing energy efficiency in pulp and paper plants worldwide. We provide long-lasting solutions for optimum performance and profitability with a thorough understanding of paper mill equipment, including an ethical and sustainable approach. Our innovative solutions include flush-less solutions that significantly reduce the loads on water treatment plants.

Turn to Chesterton for:

  • Maximum Pump Performance: A complete portfolio of innovative mechanical seals and pump packings, high-performance lubricants, and industrial coatings—plus the invaluable advice of our on-call regional experts.
  • Asset Repairs/Protection: High-performance industrial lubricants and coatings protect new equipment against the forces of corrosion and abrasions and often significantly extend the life of older equipment.
  • Energy/Water Reduction: Water and energy reduction programs that can result in dramatic savings and high sustainability ratings for your organisation.

A.W. Chesterton Company is a leading international provider of customised programs and solutions that combine expert hands-on service and support with a comprehensive line of industrial fluid sealing systems, high-performance protective coatings, and a broad range of high-performance industrial lubricants and MRO chemicals. Chesterton® solutions have been implemented around the world with documented success and recognition. Increased equipment reliability, energy consumption optimisation, and technical support are what Chesterton® offers with a portfolio of products and services unparalleled in the industry. A.W. Chesterton in the Asia Pacific market: Chesterton’s products portfolio is available through our distribution partners channel, strategically located to support Asia Pacific customers. Find your closest partner visiting our website.

Chesterton Product Portfolio:

  • Mechanical Seals
  • Mechanical Packing and Gaskets
  • Engineered Polymer Seals (Chesterton Customseal)
  • Industrial Lubricants and MRO Products
  • Industrial Coating

Chesterton Customseal is a joint venture between A.W. Chesterton Company and Customseal Australia.
For over 135 years, Chesterton® has been recognised as a leading international manufacturer of industrial fluid sealing systems and industrial process industry applications. Customseal Australia has been operating for over 15 years now, building an incredible reputation servicing the hydraulic and pneumatic needs for many clients across numerous industries throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Chesterton Customseal provides our clients with innovative solutions in high-performance seals, combining the strong capabilities of two brands in one product.

of two brands in one product.

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            860 Salem Street MA, Groveland, Massachusetts, United States, 01834

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            • Chesterton® innovative, award-winning mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers and other rotating equipment simplify installation, improve reliability, and extend fluid handling performance. Companies worldwide turn to A.W. Chesterton Company for expertise in cartridge seals and mechanical seals – in design, selection, installation, field service, and more.

              Get in touch with your nearest Chesterton® mechanical seals distributor or fill in an inquiry form.

              Explore Chesterton® Mechanical Seals on chesterton.com

            • Packing

              Chesterton® advanced packing uses the latest in fibre, lubricant, and braiding technology to deliver superior leakage control. Our fibres are individually coated with lubricant before braiding, thus eliminating wicking and providing superior blocking for longer, leak-free performance and lower life-cycle costs for your valves and pumps.

              With a state-of-the-art valve testing facility, Chesterton® conducts both API and ISO test protocols and provides a wide range of services to many valve manufacturers. With the ability to simulate many critical applications, we can help you choose the right valve and packing for your needs.


              Many factors must be considered when choosing the proper gasket for an application, including safety, temperature, pressure, the media to be sealed, equipment conditions, the versatility of the product, and cost. Chesterton’s wide range of gasket products means we can address flange sealing needs from water to critical high-temperature, high-pressure process conditions.

              Valve Sealing Program

              Valve Sealing Program offers high-performance sealing solutions for both emissions and general service valves and provides service with minimum leakage levels guaranteed for 5 years.

              Contact your sales representative for details on this warranty.

              SuperSet Pump Sealing

              Innovative SuperSet pump sealing solutions using patented SpiralTrac™ technology for increased reliability with minimized flush water in slurry handling and contaminated process streams.

              Get in touch with your nearest Chesterton® packing and gaskets distributor or fill in an inquiry form.

              Explore Chesterton® Pump Packing on chesterton.com

              Explore Chesterton® Gaskets & Joint Seals on chesterton.com

              Extensive applications expertise in pump packing solutions for rotating equipment—including design,  selection, installation, testing, and more. Our packing solutions reduce power requirements for the pump and result in less leakage—lowering the total life cycle costs of the pumping system.

              Download Packing and Gaskets products brochure

              Download Chesterton​​ DualPac® Handbook

            • Chesterton® industrial lubricant solutions are engineered to reduce operational costs by extending equipment life and improving plant efficiency.​​​​ These high-performance industrial greases, oils, pastes, and compounds are designed to provide corrosion protection, deliver energy savings, and reduce lubricant usage.​

              Avoid the Primary Cause of Bearing Failure

              Did you know that 64% of bearing failures are caused by insufficient or improper lubrication?* Chesterton’s high-performance lubricants take this concern off the table.

              Our automatic lubrication products, including advanced greases, oils, and automated dispensing systems, are engineered to increase bearing life reliability and lower maintenance and operating costs.

              Learn more about this comprehensive line of products and Chesterton’s Bearing Reliability Program.​

              Get in touch with your nearest Chesterton® industrial lubricants distributor or fill in an inquiry form.
            • The pulp and paper industry requires robust, heavy-duty coatings that can withstand abrasive solids as well as caustic and acid exposure at elevated temperatures. Failure is not an option due to the risk of worker safety and environmental compliance. ARC Efficiency & Protective Coatings are tough enough to handle everything from wood-yard operations to chemical recovery and most places in between. Whether you are trying to protect a stock pump, a suction roll, or an effluent clarifier—​our products are formulated with this industry in mind.​​

              Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coatings, a brand of the 135-year-old A.W. Chesterton Company, has achieved a nearly four-decade proven global track record of enhancing critical industrial equipment and structures.

              Innovation through Design

              ARC Industrial Concrete and Metal Coatings are engineered using the latest technologies and advanced material formulations—from ceramic bead reinforcement to nanotechnology to withstand the most challenging environments. Our highly experienced engineering staff is constantly at work on new, innovative coating solutions to meet the needs of industries’ critical application environments.

              Get in touch with your nearest Chesterton® ARC distributor or fill in an inquiry form.

              Explore Chesterton® ARC Industrial Coating on chesterton.com

            • Chesterton (Chesterton Customseal)’s broad range of high-performance hydraulic and pneumatic seals is made from exclusive polymer materials for use in a wide range of demanding industrial sealing applications.

              Our technical expertise, combined with our comprehensive range of trusted quality products manufactured in various profiles, sizes, designs and premium materials, enables us to provide custom seals and polymer sealing solutions to meet your specific needs.

              Our hydraulic and pneumatic seals on-demand service covers:

              • Application-specific solutions
              • Design to meet the performance requirement
              • Engineer to engineer collaboration

              We offer a full range of solutions to:

              • Reduce premature failure
              • Improve reliability
              • Reduce repair, maintenance and operating costs
              • Extend equipment life
              • Optimise performance

              Our hydraulic and pneumatic seals offering includes:

              • Wiper seals
              • Rod seals
              • Piston seals
              • Face and static seals
              • Ancillary devices
            • Chesterton (Chesterton Customseal) offers many design variants of rotating seals and rotary seal valves, which can be adapted to your application to help you maximise your performance.

              Chesterton (Chesterton Customseal) rotary seals are designed to prevent the loss of lubricating fluids and the intrusion of dirt and other contaminants.

              Chesterton rotary seals product range includes:

              • Lips seals and labyrinth seals for bearing protection
              • Restriction bushings, lanterns rings, cartridge seals for stuffing box solutions
              • The range of Chesterton (Chesterton Customseal) customizable rotating seals are all manufactured in our state-of-art production hub in Perth, Western Australia. Chesterton Customseal uses the highest performance materials, including the Chesterton® world-renowned AWC800.

              Our range of robust and flexible high-performance custom seal designs can fit DIN, ISO and ANSI type pump together with other popular pumps, eliminating pump, shaft sleeve wear and have a self-aligning capacity for long-term reliable performance.

              By working closely with our customers and distributors, we offer a unique approach that offers you the best solution for your equipment under challenging conditions.

              Chesterton rotary solutions help you to:

              • Minimise downtime and maintenance costs
              • Improve equipment reliability
              • Extend leak-free service lift
              • Reduce contamination
              • Eliminate shaft damage
              • Lower maintenance costs and prevents bearing failures

              Download our Chesterton Customseal Profile Chart and Materials
            • Rotating Equipment Sealing Solutions

              Condensate return pumps can be difficult sealing applications due to high temperatures, flashing conditions, and the lack of a reliable cooling water supply.
              In a U.S. papermaking facility, compression packing was used to seal these pumps. Stuffing box temperatures were reaching 180o C (350o F) and flush water availability was intermittent, causing premature packing failure. The mill was replacing packing every 3 to 10 weeks on these pumps.
              Conventional mechanical seals were tested, but steam flashing through the seal faces caused face damage and eventual seal failure.

              Chesterton 180H Cartridge Seal is the sealing solution for applications where flashing can occur, external cooling is limited or unavailable, or where pressure has a tendency to distort the seal faces. Hydropad Geometry Enhances Face Lubricity This seal is designed with an advanced hydropad geometry seal face that improves film formation between the mechanical seal faces and significantly enhances face lubricity. This increased film formation reduces heat generation and increases seal life in many applications. Problems with Cooling Systems? This paper mill did not have external cooling capabilities and used a Chesterton 180H Cartridge Seal with a Plan 11 discharge recirculation piping plan.

              Increased Mean Time Between Failures
              This paper mill significantly improved their seal reliability from weeks to years with the Chesterton 180H Cartridge Seal.
              The plant converted all 5 of their condensate return pumps to Chesterton 180H Cartridge Seals with exceptional results!
            • Digester Bottom Scraper

              The Challenge
              A Pulp Mill experienced severe problems with many of the applications in the Digester Area. Particularly the bottom scraper on the main Digester Vessel exposed to be a tough application to seal.
              In particular the combination of high pressure and high temperature forms a tremendous challenge as far as sealing technology is concerned.
              The plant tried to solve the problem with various types of packing but most of them gave too much consolidation.

              The Chesterton Solution
              After various experiments the plant is now using a combined packing solution made up out of a Sandwich of 1830SSP and 477-1T.
              This customer is giving him so far the reliability that he needs to run his plant effectively.

              Why Use This Solution?
              • Repeatable, predictable, lasting sealing performance
              • Improved Safety
              • Minimize Costly, Unplanned Maintenance
              • Improved Asset Management
            • Rotating Equipment Sealing Solutions

              Due to severe conditions in the stuffing box, the packing set leaked often. The equipment’s water consumption was very high. Because of environmental regulations, all injected water had to be removed from the process and treated as industrial waste water. This was a costly and energy-intensive process.
              Help MDF manufacturer extend maintenance cycles on their Sunds defibrators and reduce water/energy costs.

              A 3-Ring Chesterton 1730 Packing Set combined with SpiralTrac.
              ■ In a traditional packing set consisting of 5 or more rings, the gland load gets mainly transferred onto the first few packing rings. The rings at the bottom of the stuffing box receive very little of the gland force
              ■ The SpiralTrac Environmental Enhancer fills up the rest of the stuffing box. Because of its unique and patented design, it directs solid particles away from the packing set, assuring a prolonged life of the set

              ■ The flush rate was reduced to a controlled 5.5 liters/minute
              ■ Leakage was reduced considerably — extending maintenance cycles and the life of the defibrators
              ■ When the packing set needs to be replaced, only the 3-ring packing set needs to be exchanged. The SpiralTrac can be re-used
              ■ Reduced maintenance and downtime

            • Challenge

              A customer was using a competitor’s packing on an agitator in a chemical application. The packing wore down the sleeve, requiring replacement wore down the sleeve, requiring replacement of both packing and sleeve every three months.
              Sleeve Cost: $500 every 3 months = $2,000/year
              Competitor Packing cost = $1,000/year
              Labor Cost = $1,600/year
              Total Cost = $4,600/year
              Increase time of continuous service to support plant cycle and reduce costs.

              • Chesterton DualPac® 2211, a braided packing that brings together the best of aramid and PTFE packing with distinct shaft-facing and outward-facing benefits as shown on Figure 1.
              • Five rings of Dua/Pac 2211 were installed as shown in Figure 2 for solids resistance. With the DuaiPac 2211 aramid side against the bottom of the stuffing box, you achieve resistance to extrusion and solids yet there is minimal contact between the aramid and shaft This untae ability reduces shaft wear and increase uptime.

              Client Reported
              • Improved packing has lasted over six months and the sleeve wear is not an issue
              • Customer extremely pleased

              Repair Costs / MTBR / Savings
              Sleeve Cost: $500/year
              2211 Packing = $1600/year
              Labor Cost = $400/year

              DualPac 2211 packaging cost
              annually per agitator = $2500/year

              Total Cost = $2100/year per agitator

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