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JMD Regent Square 512 Level 5 Mehrauli, Gurugram, Haryana, India, 122002
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KRecycling Private Limited

KRecycling Private Limited is a Gurugram based company which started its operations in 2019. Over the course of time we have established a name for ourselves in dealing in paper and packaging products. Through our consistent efforts we have managed to make our presence felt across nations and export Kraft paper, Fluting Medium and Testliner to countries like China, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and African and Gulf countries. Our varied range also includes machines with different deckle sizes to produce customized size and gsm requirements.

We offer a wide range of paper grades including Maplitho Paper (50-80gsm with 80-85% brightness), Newsprint (42-45gsm with 55% brightness), Duplex Board and FBB among others. Our supply range incorporates OCC, SOP, ONP, News, DSOCC, Select and all other grades from Europe and USA.

KRecycling Private Limited is known for being the sole distributor of Film Face Shuttering Plywood Paper manufactured by Chadha Paper Mills Ltd., Bilaspur. In order to cater to the demands of Plywood Paper industry across North India, we have our own warehouse in Yamunanagar. Our company has also been serving mills in India and meeting their requirements of Recovered Paper grades including both Domestic and Imported.

KRecycling Private Limited has been rewarded with trust from customers for our efficient services and feasible offers for varied grades of paper.Continuing with our endeavor of a better environment, we are dedicated to innovate and transform paper usage across the world. Our team consists of competent professionals who have acquired their skill through an experience of over 25 years.

KRecycling Private Limited works with the motto of providing one stop solutions for all paper and Recovered Paper requirements. We understand the growing energy consumption across the world and constantly strive for innovative recycling. Out efforts have been in line with meeting demands of paper and packaging industry. We deal with reliable partners providing qualified raw material and give utmost importance to the quality and efficiency of our products. Our policies and products are made while keeping in mind the business ethics and morals and have succeeded in acquiring trust and support from customers across the world. We believe we can work for a better planet and better world through consistent innovation and recycling.

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            JMD Regent Square 512 Level 5 Mehrauli, Gurugram, Haryana, India, 122002
            • Fluting Medium & Testliner
              Testliner and Fluting Paper: Fluting paper is a type of protective packaging paper. It provides protection to the main product by acting as a pressure and shock absorbent. It is easy to use and transport due to its lightweight nature. Testliner paper is produced from 100% recycled paper although there can be additions of starch to make it strong. It is available in varied gsm and can be used for food packaging, cardboard packaging etc.

              Kraft Paper Reels
              Kraft paper is environment friendly and is made of recycled substances. It finds application in wrapping around materials or void-filling while packaging to avoid damage to the packaged product. We also supplies food packaging grades, used to making of paper bags (FSC Certified).

              Writing & Printing Paper
              Writing and printing papers are available for different varieties. There is an availability of all the formats and sizes of printing papers. Printing paper is available in reels as well as sheets, in various varieties and different brightness.

              FBB or Folding Box Board
              Writing and printing papers are available for different varieties. There is an availability of all the formats and sizes of printing papers.

              Maplitho is a type of uncoated writing paper with gsm often ranging between 50-120. It is known for its smooth texture and bright coloring. Maplitho is often used for manufacturing leaflets or calendars. We trade in all varieties of maplitho, including the ones used for making bills, invoices or cash books.

              Newsprint, usually having gsm ranging between 40-45 is a printable and low cost type of paper. It is whitish in color and is used for printing newspapers, pamphlets and other advertising material. Because it is light in weight, it often finds use in void-filling in industrial packaging.
            • OCC-DSOCC,Select, Premium
              OCC aka all Corrugated Cardboard Boxes. KRecycling Inc is engaged in making available an extensive range of OCC. All the material supplied is impurity and other attachment free. DSOCC- Double Sorted Old Corrugated Containers are also available in all varieties.

              Mix Paper
              KRecycling Private Limited is a supplier of sorted and clean papers of various qualities, which include many fibers. This includes a range of clean and sorted papers that contain less groundwood.

              SOP- Sorted Office Paper
              KRecycling Private Limited supplies SOP, basically containing office waste paper, which includes, white and colored groundwood-free paper. May contain a little amount of groundwood computer and fax paper.

              ONP, Record, Notebook
              KRecycling Private Limited is a reputed company dealing in ONP-Old News Paper consisting of fresh and sorted newspapers (not sunburned), notebook waste, office records (sorted), sorted books, etc.

              Coated Book Stock (CBS)
              We are also providing Coated Book Stock -consisting consisting ground free paper to the growing paper industry in the sub-continent.

              Printed Bleached Cup
              We provide best quality of printed, untreated formed cups, cup die cuts, misprinted papers and sheets, be it coated or uncoated.
            • Solid Bleached Sulphate or SBS usually available in a gsm range of 200-600 is a type of paperboard having smooth clay coated upper surface making it suitable for printing and graphical uses. It has fine hygienic properties and thus it is preferred by industries for food packaging. SBS is also used for packaging products that need preservation of a particular flavor or incense. These products might include chocolates and cosmetics.

              Manila Board, usually available in the gsm range 70-200 is mainly used for designing cards, scrapbooks, cover pages, etc. It finds a huge application in the fashion industry where these are used to make raw designs before finalizing. Manila files and Manila folders and envelopes are also popular as they are durable and thick and provide for the transportation of documents without getting them folded or wrinkled. Manila material is also known for its wide printer compatibility.

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