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Durga Bhavan A-68 FIEE Complex Okhla Industrial Area Phase - 2, New Delhi, Delhi, India, 110020
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Krofta Engineering Ltd.

We introduce ourselves as the one of the leading suppliers of waste water treatment equipment and complete water management solutions, having supplied more than 1200 systems for effluent and waste water applications.

We have been in the wastewater treatment business since 1983.

Mr. Raghvendra Khaitan, Managing Director since 1992 is the driving force behind Krofta. He has expanded Krofta’s product range via a slew of International collaborations. Having achieved success in exports, tapping the vast overseas market is high on the agenda.

Krofta is a world leader in clarifiers based on the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Technology. Krofta clarifiers have retention times as low as 3 minutes and with a possibility of resource recovery in some cases as opposed to the sedimentation methods characterized by very long retention times.

In India we have over 1200 installations operating in diverse industrial segments, as mentioned in our partial customer list, enclosed for your ready reference.

Water usage by industries is increasing at an enormous rate as industry is reliant on water for some part of their production process, be its use as a raw material, solvent, coolant, transport agent or energy source. With the proper treatment, a significant proportion of industrial on-site wastewater can be reused. Thus, going beyond mandatory requirements, wastewater is the most reliable and economic source of water. Krofta provides industry with total water management – from pretreatment, through process water, liquid and wastewater.

We market, design and manufacture one of the broadest ranges of equipment for this sector, providing end-to-end solutions for our customer’s water and wastewater treatment requirements.

We have a technical collaboration with AJV – Engineering Ky., Finland for Belt Filter Press and Stetfield Separators, UK for Oil interceptors.

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              Durga Bhavan A-68 FIEE Complex Okhla Industrial Area Phase - 2, New Delhi, Delhi, India, 110020

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              • Dissolved air flotation technology are used for remove or clarifies the waste suspended solids matter in form of micro biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), and oils and greases (O&G) from a wastewater stream. All removed from dissolved air-in-water solution and recycle by injecting air under pressure or clarified by the DAF effluent. Dissolved air flotation technology works on low maintenance, fully integrated, robust and reduced operational input ‘plug and play’ approach to design, higher quality and works on multiple chemical injection and sampling points follow European norms.

                Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system applications applied to widely used for petrochemical wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, textile manufacture wastewater treatment, Paper mills wastewater treatment, fish processing wastewater treatment, Dairy, winery and soft drink, Cosmetics manufactures production and packaging wastewater treatment reduction of wastewater oils and greases, colour, organic matter, biological sludge’s and colloidal material.

                The DAF system used the terms physical and chemical process for water treatment removing suspended solids from water streams. DAF concisely used the process flotation tank, dissolved air system, reflux pipe, dissolved air released system, skimmer and electric cabinet and so on.

              • Belt filter press type BFP..GR is specially designed to dewater sludge coming from clarification tank. Typically concentration of sludge is 0.5 – 1.0 % DS. The flow is up to 50 m³ / 1 m belt width. The capacity depends very much on the character of sludge and therefore the dimensioning have to ask from the manufacturer.

                Among the Belt Filter Press and Gravity Belt Thickener manufacturers, Krofta has always been a market leader for smart designing, user-friendly and optimum space requirement /efficiency ratio equipment.

              • We have made a technical collaboration with Stetfield Separators Limited, UK for their Oil Water Separator like CPI & TPI to market their equipment across the globe.

                Our Oil Water Separators are designed as per following specifications:

                Corrugated And Tilted Plate Separators
                Stetpack tilted or corrugated plate interceptors offer enhanced gravity separation of immiscible liquids via inclined parallel plates and coalescing media. Self-contained above-ground units, in-ground parts kits, and multistage units.

                In-Ground Tilted Plate Separators
                We offer a full design package for in-ground units using concrete sumps and a kit of parts for larger capacity units, using the same technology as our Stetpack units. We design and manufacture all the internal components for these systems and offer a full refurbishment/replacement service for old units that have fallen into disrepair.

                API Oil Separators
                Widely used in the petrochemical industry and oil refineries for gross removal of a wide range of free-floating oils employing top and bottom scraper mechanisms. Designed to API standards with units up to 50m long and 5.5m wide. We can supply a full kit of parts for in-ground concrete sumps i.e. plate packs, weirs, support frames, media basket etc.
              • The degree of fractionation and/ or micros training depends on many factors; inlet consistency, spray pressure, inlet filler content, micron opening size, and particularly fines content of the fiber fraction. The following results can be expected Coarse impurities are separated out. All the water is microstrain. The fiber fraction is retained by the cloth and can be recovered. Changes in fiber content by the KROFTA Spray Filter are minimized so that subsequent clarifiers operate under a uniform load. The KROFTA Spray Filter improves the operation of clarifiers especially floatation ones, as it aerates the effluent making it more adaptable to floatation.

              • Krofta introduces State of the Art Technology: NEW DAF especially designed for Paper Industry. A unique technique, far enhanced compared to circular machines

                The Megacell is provided with high performance and automatically sturdy floated sludge removal device. The scraping and therefore the sludge extraction area unit separated so as to produce best fulfillment of those functions. This mix avoids the utilization of rubber gaskets usually employed in standard scrapers pushing and extracting the floated sludge. Megacell is usually designed with a cone like bottom. The device is intended for optimum potency with much no maintenance.

                SALIENT BENEFITS:

                ► 50-70% savings* in Civil Cost compared to Sedicell.
                ► Higher capacity Product at Low Foot Print (Required lessor land space )
                ► Much Lower running Power cost in comparison to Present DAF Technology;
                ► Excellent Output performance;
                ► Cheaper installation cost*
                ► A very compact unit*

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